Shabbella is all about classic and chic everyday essentials made with premium fabrics and finishes that make each piece better than basic. We know firsthand what it's like to work in the healthcare field, and how important it is to feel comfortable throughout the day, while looking presentable to patients and colleagues. We believe that comfort and style can go hand in hand, innovating our designs to offer the right balance of minimalism and craftsmanship proudly made in the USA. 

The Performance Scrubs collection is the next era of medical-sport uniform, tailored for the modern-day healthcare professional. 


Ironically, working in healthcare led Shab back to fashion, to revive her sportswear brand that she was forced to set aside during the lockdown in 2020. Back to work  in healthcare and having to wear scrubs daily, as a Patient Care Coordinator and Surgeons' Assistant, she could never find a fit that was well designed - with quality construction, shape, fabric and coloring. In 2022, Shab took a new approach to re-launch her sportswear brand and put her manufacturing team in Los Angeles back to work as they set out to make the best quality scrubs for herself and the doctors she worked for at the time. It was not long that shabbella performance scrubs were in development. 
                                  Shab, Founder & Creative Director

The goal was simple, combine our knowledge of sportswear design and fabric with high-quality construction into one durable, tailor fit set of scrubs. A line created for the modern day healthcare professional.  The first collection rapidly gained loyal fans looking for a seamless blend of quality and comfort in a presentable, modern silhouette

Shab's passion for minimalist architecture influenced by coastal living inspired the aesthetic - low maintenance, high quality - emphasizing elegance and comfort, pairing sophistication with simplicity. She has applied this visionary approach in every step of defining and developing the brand.

Shab hopes to develop the line into a lifestyle brand for healthcare professionals, bringing her knowledge of fabrics to contemporary designs that are functional and aesthetic. 



We only use fabrics that feel incredible, are high quality and soft-to-touch. Each garment undergoes multiple fittings and quality control to ensure performance. With a focus on comfort, sweat-wicking, quick dry, easy care, and 4-way stretch made to move with you. 



Shabbella is proud to be 100% made in the USA in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, California. Everything is cut, sewn, and constructed on location. This allows us to focus on quality and consistency, and make adjustment based on our actual customer reviews with quick turn around time. We take pride in our ethical working conditions for our valued manufacturing team. 



We strive to make every healthcare professional that wears Shabbella feel their most confident and comfortable all day, every day. As a pioneer in the scrubs market, our goal is to create modern, eye-catching, minimalist, comfortable, high-quality scrubs that are multi-purpose and built for long days. From the office, to on-the-go, to workouts, and for everyday life. We want to feel as if we are all part of the same team and everyone is welcome. Connect with us on Instagram @shabbella