Skincare Is the New Makeup

We are all about embracing the low-coverage makeup look. In fact, using your skin care strategically can eliminate the need for a foundation or highlighter altogether. For example, you could illuminate your skin tone up with rose hip seed oil or bearberry flower extract in place of highlighter, which, besides being incredibly moisturizing, have an almost imperceptible undertone that fade away fine lines, redness and dark spots.

Targeted skin care ingredients can often reduce the need for heavy foundations, concealers, and cover-ups. 

Remember that when you’re dialing down makeup coverage, you need to step up your skincare routine. When early signs of ageing start to appear due to all sorts of reasons (exposure to pollution, sun, and facial expressions) it’s time to look after those precious skin cells and stock up on skincare with helpful ingredients such as Vitamins A, C and E, fruit extracts, and brightening ingredients with moisture retaining formulas that include hyaluronic acid and/or seaweed extract. As skin cell turnover begins to slow down as you age, you might start noticing your skin is less firm, becoming dry and dull. This is when you need to help those tired cells renew even faster with a skincare regime focused on regenerating cell turnover with ingredients that are mineral-rich and formulated with collagen boosting peptides, soothing antioxidants and plant based stem cells.

Shabbella has carefully curated a set of skincare essentials including a cleanser, serum, eye & lip cream and even a beauty balm to help men and women embrace that no-makeup natural glow from within. Now is the time to rock that youthful glow and help protect your skin for the future.

Available Fall 2019. For inquiries and wholesale, please email

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