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Farm-to-Closet: BAMBOO

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A great meal is only as good as its ingredients, and so is a great look. Just as farm-to-table is changing, the way we think about our clothing is changing too. Because clothes ARE an agricultural act. Its important to consider where clothes are made, how the fibers are produced, how much water does it take to wash and dye them. These all affect our environment. We want you to feel as good about your clothes, as you do in them. Shabbella is one of those few made in the USA lifestyle brands that is environmentally conscious about where our...

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Celebrity Summer Style Alert: White Tanks

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Summer is a great time to dig out your bright, white clothing that has been hibernating over the winter. If there's one item in your wardrobe that doesn’t get enough credit, it's your white tank top. White tanks are the very best way to look and stay cool under the summer sun. You can pair and layer them with almost anything and look fabulous. If you are feeling daring, you may even want to try out a monochromatic white look that is so trendy right now. Add contrast with black bottoms for an effortlessly casual chic look. White is such a...

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How To Dress Up Sweatpants


According to InStyle Magazine, celebs are anointing comfy loungewear staples, like sweatpants, into off-duty ensembles for a casual-chic look. Model Gigi Hadid has become notorious for this casual-chic look, as sweats being her fashion identifier, says Yes, sweatpants. Other celebs, like Selena Gomez below, have taken the comfort of sweatpants to a whole new level, wearing them in luxe fabrics. "Traditionally reserved for couch days at home or a grueling workouts at the gym, sweats don't exactly exude high style. But, clearly, the model is making an effort to change that." Source:      Shabbella founder and creative director, Shab Sadeghi, agrees that...

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The Varsity Jacket: Classic Collegiate Fashion

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It’s safe to say collegiate apparel really took off when varsity jackets were introduced by the Harvard University baseball team in 1865 to highlight the team’s star players. Now the timeless jackets are 150 years old.  Harvard baseball players had sewn the old English letter "H" onto the team's grey flannel uniforms. Ten years later Harvard’s football team followed suit and began embroidering the same letter on their uniforms. By 1891, the nine man baseball team regularly wore black sweaters with a crimson "H" embroidered over the left chest, which led to cardigans.       Although commonly worn by high school and...

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How Fashion Brands Are Refining Women's Collegiate & Pro Sports Apparel

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The on-going and continuously growing trend of women's licensed collegiate apparel is no surprise. Over the years, licensing deals with colleges have grown to meet the demand of women who wish to wear figure-flattering, attractive college-branded apparel to their school and college sports games. Collegiate apparel options have drastically changed over the years. Before, anything other than a college hoodie, t-shirt, or tank was hard to find; female students had trouble representing their schools in styles that offered figure flattering fits or appealed to their taste. Now, school pride is widely represented through fashion forward brands who are working to sell...

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