Farm-to-Closet: BAMBOO

A great meal is only as good as its ingredients, and so is a great look. Just as farm-to-table is changing, the way we think about our clothing is changing too. Because clothes ARE an agricultural act. Its important to consider where clothes are made, how the fibers are produced, how much water does it take to wash and dye them. These all affect our environment. We want you to feel as good about your clothes, as you do in them. Shabbella is one of those few made in the USA lifestyle brands that is environmentally conscious about where our fabrics are coming from and how they are produced. Thats why I personally, am driven to find the best ingredients that make the least impact on the environment. My key ingredient in the new basic tank: bamboo.

* Greatly discourages formation of bacteria
* Retards formation of fungus, such as mildew {ideal for activewear}
* Bamboo is raised without fertilizers or pesticides {thank you farmers!}
* Planting bamboo improves soil and air quality {mother Earth lover}
* Fibers are 100% biodegradable {clean clean air}

Shop Shabbella Bamboo Tank, $60

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