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How Fashion Brands Are Refining Women's Collegiate & Pro Sports Apparel

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The on-going and continuously growing trend of women's licensed collegiate apparel is no surprise. Over the years, licensing deals with colleges have grown to meet the demand of women who wish to wear figure-flattering, attractive college-branded apparel to their school and college sports games.

Collegiate apparel options have drastically changed over the years. Before, anything other than a college hoodie, t-shirt, or tank was hard to find; female students had trouble representing their schools in styles that offered figure flattering fits or appealed to their taste. Now, school pride is widely represented through fashion forward brands who are working to sell licensed products with official university and NCAA trademarks on them. It's becoming easier to find stylish options and the trend is causing designers to become aware that the women's college-licensed apparel market is booming.

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The Collegiate Licensing Company quickly realized the growth in female college sports fans, teaming up with retailers to provide innovative, stylish apparel to the market. According to IMG College, the women’s apparel retail category has grown by 148 percent over the last five years and by 53 percent in the last three years. This number is the highest of all sports, topping even the NFL, of which 84.3 million females self-identify as fans.

Each year styles have gotten more refined across the board in other licensed sports leagues, not just collegiate, catering to what female sports fans are looking for. Companies that offer licensed college and pro sports apparel are constantly looking at what's happening in the marketplace, what's on-trend, what women are wearing on the street and in stadiums. It's important to take cues from the fans themselves, as well as look at the current trends in fashion, which is what Shabbella aims to accomplish. Nowadays, more and more collegiate licensed brands utilize aspects of fashion trends into their collections to ensure you're wearing fashion-forward, trendy apparel that can also reflect school or team logos and colors.Vintage styles and more figure-flattering, attractive styles instead of flimsy, baggy apparel are so far, a proven success. Women deserve to look and feel attractive, even while watching a college or pro sports game, and now, they have the options to chose from. 

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